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The Clam
I turgid the trepidation, tumescently tidal waves my timebomb
and a fat july, thick, soaked, dripping
is mopped along the floor, then squeezed.
and turgid is the twilight sky, who can squeeze it?
i highly empathize the emptiness of it
removes all doubts
removes all hopes
tersely it is juicy
then loudly it is dry
then it is heavy again; thick, soaked, dripping
a timebomb; an awaiting cancer
loosely lounges on a larynx of lament
it is complicated, conjoined, visceral
then all at once it is emptied
disconnected, deranged, and deniable
thrown out of the window
and pecked away by crows.
fast and flourishing
vibrant and and vibrating
too many t's are titillating this term;
term or being
frame of mind.
i feel like today yearns to be
but isn't
and will never be.
it mourns, because it is fat, and soaking, and dripping
with tears:
tears of joy
tears of sorrow
tears of a newborn, still unprepared
it wants to be dry, to be squeezed out all the juice of regret
responsibility, resounding rectitude;
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Catharsis: Dawn at Sea :iconslug45:slug45 2 2
Jesus Was a Truck Driver
jesus was a truck driver
he made big hauls at night
and there's a story
a'the rest-stop on i-40
how he got into a bar fight
jesus had been drinking shots
playing quarters with his friends
some dude got mad
made fun of jesus' dad
it's hard to punch with nails in your hands
soon th'place was'n chaos
barkeep got'sa sawed-off gun
"boyus, take it outside
or get shot in your hide"
and they all left in a manic run
out in the parking lot
jesus was the center of the fight
they fought teeth and nails
jesus had kung-fu skills
but that didn't save him from the knife
old kid johnny johnnyson
was an awful trucker to see
one-foot beard
nasty greased hair
and at least 3 dozen fleas
old kid johnny johnnyson
was too drunk to punch or kick
pull out his 'fly knife
swung it sky high
and brought it down at jesus' neck
there was a scream of pain
blood splattered his holy head
silence took over the crowd
they watched jesus go down
that dude was biblically dead
jesus was a truck driver
he made big hauls at nig
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The Head
a static discharge
discharge from my state
i am the old head
on a silver plate
i know this web i weave
i know my fate
petrified and collecting dust
i'm in second grade
the prosthetic head decays: sweetly
sugar coated death flavored: silently
begins to speak an awful thing: horror
the feelings left in the dark: again
a static discharge
discharge is unclean
i am a wooden head
sewn into my seam
smells of the body bag
i wear on my sleeve
rotten and sugary
desires hidden in sleep
the prosthetic head decays: quickly
the is nothing that remains: forever
a beautiful train wreck: loudly
another hole in my head: lovely
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Catey-sama :iconslug45:slug45 0 6
Can't Close My Eyes
i cannot close my eyes
i can't i can't but i try
i cannot feel or move
selfish fetish love
chained in my uterine home
she laughs as i spit and moan
slave like a karma drone
she smiles as i turn to stone
i cannot close my eyes
buried under white skies
bit off more than i can chew
selfish fetish love
i cannot close my eyes
running backwards liars
i kick and scream and shove
selfish fetish love
i cannot close my eyes
i breathe out a swarm of flies
under a messianic moon
selfish fetish love
i cannot close my eyes
nailed into the moonrise
of brick and of bone
selfish fetish love
joy is my misery
the noise breaks through and kills
so beautifully
i've misunderstood life
to live is to be corrupted
corruption brings life
i had to laugh
it's uncurable
sleep is a gift to those that don't know
i can't close my eyes
i can't close them
i can't close them
cannot close my eyes
buried in the sky with no eyes
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Painted Life
concrete children
wrapped in cellophane lust
total zero
of a cocaine rust
split open heart
and clear out the dust
deny messiah
paint your life pie's crust
living a painted life
living a painted life
and it's painted black
wax-work lungs
fire the cucumber gun
porceline house
consumes real-butter sun
all the time i had
spent on electric sugar bun
living a painted life
living a painted life
and it's painted black
tyrant love
don't see through the microscope
nails in the walls
separates the fear
separates the love
that i can't give to you
nails in the walls
separates my head
separates the love
that you don't want to have
tyrant love
this terrible insatiable anger towards you
nails in the walls
separates the fear
separates the love
that i can't give to you
nails in the walls
separates my head
separates the love
that you don't want to have
white washed closet full of sin-stained clothes
cocaine fish swim up a liar's nose
cold thought drinks the emotional desert
i swim through t
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The Dentist
a razor-bladed blanket wrapped around my throat
and the rusted pillow stuffed into my mouth
my teeth are all cracked and blood is pouring out
out of my mouth
out of my mouth
a razor-bladed breakfast, wake up and smell the pain
walking home from your house with a migrain
i open my mouth and night comes pouring in
into my mouth
into my mouth
out of my mouth
out of my mouth
and a mouth like hers
it's friday and i can barely wait
to be over return to live the life i hate
and i'm waitting and still i'm late
looking down in a mouth
looking down in a mouth
a mouth like hers
she was the one that murdered me
with no remorse and no alibi
she always kept and never gave my
no suprise why can't i live a normal life
so i wait and cry out into the night
but the night pours into me
down in a mouth
down deep in a mouth
wake up and i'm still going to be dead
in a secret
in a secret compartment
i'd never though i'd be
looking down in a mouth like hers
i'd never knew i would have to live
down in a mouth l
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Mature content
The Spider :iconslug45:slug45 0 1
Mature content
Monastary :iconslug45:slug45 0 0
Estatua de la Libertad :iconslug45:slug45 2 0 A Rotten World :iconslug45:slug45 0 0 Garysan uncolored :iconslug45:slug45 0 0
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Non-Euclidean Bathhouse :iconslug45:slug45 1 5
My Lady in the West
i can dream that you\'ll come to me at night, like wind through my window.
a shadow, and you\'ll bend over me in my dreams, and whisper into my ear.
you\'ll creep inside, and hide.
in my ear.
i\'ll wake up, look around, but i\'ll miss you.
inside my head.
when i\'m awake, and looking at people, their faces will turn into yours.
i can\'t stop, you\'re driving me mad. all i see reminds me of you.
but you comfort me.
like the gentleness of the sunset to the west.
with golds, and greys, and reds, and infinite relax.
rest; resting under the late winter night. it stretches before me, and you are stretched over me.
we lie in each other dreams, and we kiss, like the is no tomoorow and no yesterday.
but every first light of day, you are no longer beside me. you\'re traces i find: the scent of you hair on the pillow, the sheets that tangle in your slumber.
the drips in the sink when you got up to wash your face.
footsteps of a stranger that i fantasize is you returning to me.
i\'ll see a lady on
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i forget about this tuff other than uploading poems people ain't reading. oh well.


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